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All of your clothing, bedding, rugs, leathers, suedes, furs, draperies, window treatments, furniture, tablecloths, napkins, towels, pillows, hats, stuffed animals, and shoes generally can be restored successfully.


We're Here to Help You
Damage to your home by; fire, water or mold can be a devastating experience.
We are a textile restoration specialist. Highly trained experts in cleaning and restoring garments and other fabrics items damaged by fire, water, mold or other contaminants. Our certified staff is dedicated to help you in this time of need. Taking special care of your clothing. textiles and other fabric items is our top prioity.

Providing Peace of Mind
As a textile restoration professional, we are experienced in dealing with delicate items that have sentimental meaning, such as wedding dresses and other precious heirlooms. In difficult times like these, saving your sentimental items is our specialty.

Working Together
Insurance companies rely on First Class Dry Cleaners to handle textile restoration because of our:

Professionalism - We have the latest technologically advanced equipment, and use the most environmentally friendly cleaning systems available. We employ skilled restoration professionals to guarantee premier restoration results. Our advanced technology enables us to effectively remove odor, soot, grime, mold and mildew from garments damaged by fires and floods.

Specialization - Our dedicated team members are highly trained and follow detailed, specific and uniform processes and procedures.

Responsiveness - We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to your customers. Rush orders of needed items can be returned to your customers as quickly as within 24 hours.

Our staff is dedicated to helping you in this time of need. Talking special care of your clothing, textiles and other fabric items is our top prioity.

How the process works

We arrive at your home ready to assess the situation and conduct a thorough room-by-room inventory of your launderable and dry-cleanable items. We then sort, inventory and bag them before transporting them to our plant for restoration. At our plant, we itemize each one of your items in our computerized system. Our state-of-the-art technology enables us to accurately process, clean, track and securely store your belongings until work on your home has been completed.

Once you notify us that you are ready for delivery and select a delivery date, we will return the items to you and place them in your home. Our tracking and secure storage system ensures the accurate location of your items at all times and allows you the flexibility to retrieve a particular item if the need arises.

Getting essential items quickly
When we pick up your items we will ask you to select enough clothing to provide for your family's needs for two week's time. This is called a "rush order" and it will be returned to you within two busness days. If you will be staying in your home while it is being worked on, you will also want to include bedding in your rush order.

The rest of your items
The balance of your belongings will be returned when you and your home are ready for them. We will keep them in secure storage for you as long as necessary. Please call us two to three days before you like your items returned to you.

Access to your items
If you would like to come in to view and select items that you need in the interim, please call us to schedule an appointment so we can best serve you by having everything ready in one location.

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